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Vixen love

Woman holding Sass + Co. Body vegan scrub

Listen up!

Need more proof that Sass + Co. Body will rock your world and transform your skin from drab to freaking fab? These real-life amazing people want you to know that Sass+ Co. is NOTHING like all the other cookie-cutter beauty brands out there. Here's what they have to say...

"Hella good!"

Smells divine and has made my skin feel so soft 🖤 


Big shout out to Sass + Co. Body for their volcanic sea salt + coconut scrub! Leaves you feeling soft as silk and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

"The perfect escapism"

Smells like a tropical cocktail and let's face it, 2020 is good for a little escapism. This moisturiser is so good to brighten your tattoos!

"I think I’ve found the one"

Sass + Co. Body volcanic sea salt + coconut body scrub b4 bed 🥥 My skin has not been this smooth in forever! I also love the smell of it   smells like an ocean margarita IMOA ! I think I’ve found the one - also plant-based + vegan!

"Adding sass to the daily"

Adding sass to the daily body nourishment, this lime caviar body moisturiser, also known as finger lime, is full of antioxidants! 

"So good for tattoo brightness"

Starting the week by letting loose my Rebel Soul with a brand that totally resonates with me! So good for tattoo brightness, amongst many other amazing benefits.

"100% natural"

I'm really passionate about using 100% natural products with my babies.


I'm getting a lot of heat for being "fat" lately. SO GET A LOAD OF THIS, Sass + Co. giving my skin and tattoos the love they deserve for having such a hard time covering this beast (sarcasm). This lime caviar moisturising lotion not only smells amazing but makes your skin feel divine!  #fatshamingislame

"Levels up my Sunday self-care"

This scrub is just what I needed to help me get ready for the warmer months where I'll be showing off my legs, shoulders and tattoos again. I love mindfully working it into every inch of my body and feeling like a new improved silky version of myself. It really levels up my Sunday self-care "spa-day" routine.  The BEST thing is that it doesn't irritate my dry sensitive skin, and HELPS even out my keratosis pilaris, being the little skin bumps on my upper arms. Thanks Sass + Co. Body!

"Loving it!"

Performance Artist, The Miss Jane Doe, loving our Lime Caviar Hand + Body Moisturiser.

"Smells amazing "

I'm loving the Sass + Co. body scrub! I've been using it to exfoliate all the sweat and dirt off after training hard at the gym. It smells amazing and makes my skin feel soft and smooth. It's also VEGAN friendly ♥️ 


You're going to feel sexy AF after using this stunning body lotion 😉


I really wanted to feeeeeeeel my body so I entered the bathroom with my tub of Sass + Co. body scrub. It's natural and smells AH-MAY-ZIIIING! Now I feel soft and juicy and sexy. For me, my body is like the final frontier of my growth. At least start your Sunday with Sass + Co. Body as part of your self lover routine - It certainly worked for me!

"No words needed

This scrub is delicious.full.stop.

"Sass + Co. Body is making my skin sing right now!"

The volcanic sea salt + coconut scrub is  an amazing Exfoliator and smells deeeeeeeelish...

"I ♥️ this VEGAN body-scrub!"

It smells so good and leaves my skin so silky smooth. Get around Sass + Co for self care!

"Like a spa treatment"

This sassy coconut scrub with a sharp citrus scent is like a DIY spa treatment that leaves me feeling like a goddess.

"It's cold outside but smells like summer here!"

The Sass + Co. Body lime caviar hand + body moisturiser is cruelty-free, vegan friendly and made in Australia. A little goes a long way and I love that it hydrates without feeling too oily.

"⚓️Hellooo sailor! "

I’m so excited to now be tuning around smelling like a key lime pie 🤤100% vegan, CF & safe for sensi skin this moisturiser will make your skin glow and brighten your tattoos! Note: I used WAAAAAAYYYY too much, a little goes a long way here.🥳

"Silky dreamy skin"

Feeling so silky lately thanks to Sass + Co. Body 💕💕 I never smelt a moisturiser this dreamy either.


Seeing I'm no longer leaving the house and wearing nothing but my birthday suit I'm making sure I remain -MOIST- (Sorry, I just wanted you to say moist in your head with emphasis! Bahaha)

"Ticks all the boxes."

I would have been lost without this little jar of goodness this week! My beach bum skin is prone to getting dry and grumpy; this scrub completely rejuvenates it & leaves it feeling soft and smooth. Smells amazing, feels fantastic & is void of any nasties. I absolutely love the ethos of this company and the all-natural skincare gold that they churn out.

"Like a holiday."

The salty-coconut fragrance mixed with the lemon aroma makes for a refreshing seaside feel.

"My favourite products for tattoo care."

I’m always up for trying products that are nice to my skin and the environment with the added bonus of making my tattoos look fresher. I’ve been using the scrub for 2 weeks, every 2nd day and it’s freakin’ amazing! I started blackening out my arm about 6 months ago and while all this black is settling in my skin gets super super dry. I’ve used a few other scrubs but found that they are too abrasive for me. This one isn’t and it’s made with my favourite: Shea Butter! I get out of the shower and my skin feels as smooth as my 7 year old daughters!!! Followed up with the Lime Caviar body moisturiser, it smells delicious and a little goes a long way and it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy, it absorbs quickly which is great when you don’t have time to wait around to get dressed. I’ll definitely be back to purchase more when this lot runs out and I’ll fully back and recommend to my clients who find their tattoos get a bit dry.

"These products tick all the boxes!"

I was so excited to receive my Sass + Co. body scrub. I absolutely loved the packaging, I almost didn’t want to open it. As a burlesque performer I’m always on the hunt for great body products that are vegan, cruelty free, good for the environment and made local. Yep, lots to ask for in a product. Well, now I have it. Thanks to the sea goddess for Sass + Co. Not only did they deliver my moral expectations but they left me feeling silky smooth, confident and ready for the stage. Thank you Sass + Co. for making my dream product come to life.

"This scrub actually rejuvenates."

I can only say... FEEL THE DIFFERENCE! 😱 I have never tried a a scrub that actually leaves you THIS rejuvenated. 👏🏾😍 The Sass + Co. volcanic sea salt + coconut scrub has helped my flawless skin deal with unfortunate sunburn and stay flawless all through summer. 🥳 I’ve been always been self conscious how my legs tend to get very dry and look “ashy” during the hotter months of the year and now that’s no longer a problem at all! 😅 I dunno if it’s for you but it’s definitely for me!

"Smooths the skin and not too oily"

After the chaos that is our world right now, I thought I'd finally use this salt scrub to unwind! Can confirm it did wonders on my skin and made me feel super soft. As someone that loves to try out salt scrubs, I can't go wrong with this, it's not too oily, so it doesn't leave a layer of oil on your skin, and it smooths out the skin perfectly, no sharp salty pieces! And as a super bonus, it smells sooo good 😍

"My dermatitis skin loves it"

I was surprised how dermatitis skin doesn’t hate this moisturising lotion at all. It’s made in Australia and I don’t promote products I don’t truly believe in and use, you know - trust me! AND it smells like key lime pie!

"Sooo good!"

This Australian vegan body moisturiser is the bomb! Extra hydrating, no nasty stuff, and smells like key lime pie” 🙌

"Absolutely loving this moisturising lotion!"

It goes on nice and thick thanks to the mango butter and absorbs into the skin really well. Perfect for winter weather! My skin had been feeling really dry but now it feels super hydrated. I love the lime/coconut scent as it reminds me of warm sunny days and sitting back sipping on a cocktail. I also love the super cute packaging and that it's not tested on animals, but only tested on the most vibrant of humans.

"I love it for pre and post tattoo care"

I know it sounds bonkers to use citric acid on your skin, but this element of the AHA in the lime caviar really does brighten your skin and sorts out pigmentation. All the while it retains your skin’s moisture. I use this moisturiser on my face too and it seems to have faded a few scars that I had. My boyfriend and I love it for pre and post tattoo care, it’s the bomb - and to think it comes from wild nature, the Australian tropical rainforest is awesome.

"Feeling fresh!"

Volcanic Sea Salt 🌋 + 🥥 Coconut Body Scrub - it makes taking off stage makeup super easy and left my face feeling so soft and clean.

"Loving this beautiful moisturiser 💙"

So lush and smells divine 💙 I'm using it everyday! Already I’ve noticed the difference in my skin 🙌🏻

"Rich and nourishing for my dry skin"

When I opened the packaging, the lemon fragrance hit me and I was ready - I couldn't wait to get in the shower! As soon as I did, I scooped out the product and was pleasantly surprised by how rich it was. The sea salt was quite coarse, but it was smooth sailing once blended with the very much appreciated "super-abundance of shea and cocoa butters" because I have really dry skin.
Elle Pierre

"Moisturising and refreshing"

Coming into winter my skin gets super dry so this scrub was exactly what I needed and the scent is so refreshing!

"Anything but dull!"

I finally got to try Sass + Co. Body scrub after my wedding! My skin had been through a few rough days with the change of weather, all the makeup and products and the late nights partying, hehe! I’ve never tried a body scrub before so was super excited! I can’t believe how soft and smooth my skin is! It’s not dry or looking dull! I wish I had used it before the wedding.

"A great light moisturiser"

Omg this lotion makes me smell like a zesty milkshake. I love that it's cruelty free and locally made. It feels really refreshing and spreads well when applied, and it is great if you want a light moisturiser

"SO good!"

Absolutely LOVE the Volcanic Ash Scrub and got some ladies at my gym already asking about it! ☺️ I can’t wait to try more of your products in the future!

"The best feeling is coming home sunkissed from the beach and feeling refreshed and hydrated after using it!"

It’s that good, my boyfriend is all over it as well! It’s great to know what you’re putting onto your skin and I love that Sass & Co are upfront about ingredients and the goodness that fills their products! Can’t wait to try their new moisturiser. Big yes from me!


The Volcanic Sea Salt + Coconut Scrub is seriously heavenly.
It has my skin feeling so silky smooth and HYDRATED 💦 Not only does this scrub leave me feeling fresh, it also feels like I’m treating myself everrrryday.
Have I mentioned that it also smells like a total dream boat?

My skin is a sensitive little soul and often finds scrubs a little harsh, this scrub is the perfect balance. I’ve even been using it on my face every second day.

This product was gifted to me but I genuinely love it, with it now being a part of my daily routine.

"I absolutely LOVE this product! It's all I've wanted in a moisturiser."

Which, by not having a decent one before may not seem like a big deal. But once you've used this one, you'll see things how I do! Especially if you have sensitive skin like myself. I've tried multiple different brands but all so far have caused irritation and rashes, so I've always ended up with the most boring and plain moisturisers ever created. So to finally have a product that co-operates with my skin and smells like the best thing on earth (I'm not kidding) is a breath of fresh air!

"Here's to loving urself, being urself and taking care of yourself in 2k19."

this scrub smelt so good and left my skin feeling so soft 🐰 but I mostly loved it because it was so freaking fun to rub this delicious stuff all over myself

"THE tattoo prep Body Scrub for impeccable inking!"

The Volcanic Sea Salt + Coconut Body Scrub will slough away dead skin cells leaving your skin clean and perfectly prepared for your new ink. Efficient AND luxurious, enjoy the process... this scrub offers a ‘volcanic experience’.

"Getting some summer sun ☀️"

My white arse hates summer so I tried the Sass + Co. Body Lime Caviar Body Lotion and I was instantly 💯 on board. The best after sun care routine. It’s amazing and also the name! How could I not love it! Worth noting Australian made and vegan.

"I’ve moved away from caffeinated body products while pregnant and loving my Sass + Co. Scrub for my pregnancy self love + care routine."

The argan + hemp seed oil work wonders on my new curves and the scent is so damn fresh and uplifting. Throughout my pregnancy, after a dusty festival or gig - THIS body scrub is my new staple!

"✨This Volcanic Sea Salt + Coconut scrub is divine + 100% NATURAL babyyyyyy 🌿"

I’ve been using the scrub for a bout a month now! 💥 lemon essential oil, one of my favourite scents, features in this scrub. I love the slight citrus scent left on my skin when I get out of the shower. 💥 the shea + cocoa butter along with calendula, olive, argan and vitamin E oil leave my skin hydrated and silky. "

"In love with my body scrub!"

It is made with 100% natural and vegan friendly ingredients - no mineral oil, zero artificial preservatives, colours or fragrances!

That time our Volcanic Body Scrub made it to New York City and the incredible model, Nyadhuor Deng sent us this image. We reckon she appreciated the volcanic experience! 🌋
"Most excellent bath I’ve had in ages... natural AND volcanic - I love it!"
"This scrub saved my soul!"
"This moisturiser is fucking awesome."

It smells amazing and leaves my dry ole elephant skin really soft and smooth. And a little goes a long way. I haven’t tried it the night before I pole tho, that will be my big test. I’ll be ordering more for sure!! My skin actually stays pretty soft for a couple of days, it really sinks in - it’s lovely!

"I love it so much, my skin is drinking it up 😋"

It’s my skin's new best friend ♥️ After all that doofing, camping and sun tanning my skin needs this delicious lime caviar moisturiser. My skin is glowing, hydrated and of course smooth despite braving all the camping elements 😆 Look after your skin, it’s the only one you have 🙌🏾 I’ll be back to order the scrub soon 😘

"Really great for sensitive skin"

This scrub is seriously addictive. The fresh scent reminds me of a fresh lemon cake batter. I'm usually very picky about what products I use, as I have very sensitive skin. I gave this one a try because the ingredients are simple and natural. I use the scrub about once a week; it is very hydrating and leaves my skin feeling soft and happy. I've also tried the moisturiser, which smells just as yummy and works great for my skin. Plus, because the scent isn't girly, my husband uses the products as well! Highly recommend.


"This is THE best body scrub!"
"Love the texture!"

Great gritty texture, I can actually feel it scrub, I love a textured body scrub and this one leaves a moisturised feel from all the oils and butters in it.

"I've used it all up and I LOVE IT."

The volcanic salt and coconut leaves your skin feeling so smooth and fresh, some days I didn't even want to wear makeup. I MUST HAVE MORE!!!