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Woman holding Sass + Co. Body vegan scrub


Hey.. Welcome to Sass + Co. Body, a plant-based vegan skincare story that speaks to badass, body-positive brave babes around the globe. 

I’m Colette, the founder of Sass. I have a gutsy work ethic and a terrier-like instinct when it comes to doing the right thing. Aside from creating a fierce women-owned skincare biz, it’s my mission to educate people on the harmful effects of the carcinogens and chemicals contained in so many big-brand skincare products. 

My mind riots every time I see a skincare product that’s chock full of mineral oil and artificial fragrances. MINERAL OIL? It’s a non-renewable by-product of petroleum FFS! How do they get away with this?! I believe there is only one way to fight back, and that’s by rewriting the beauty rules. The products we create at Sass + Co. Body use only plant-based ingredients; our range is vegan, botanical and, most importantly, good for you. In fact, we are proud that our products kick against the norm, and we champion a bespoke body/skincare range that’s all about the senses. 

An unlikely candidate to head-up a booming skincare company, founder Colette Tattoli is equal parts soul sister and punk-ass queen. As at home with a pint down the local as she is sipping a sexy-ass cocktail through a silver straw, she dresses to impress and swears like a navvy (when required). 

Colette continues to work with marginalised people as an inner-city community health worker and is the co-founder of an iconic Melbourne sound system. She’s a former shiatsu, dietary therapeutics + auricular acupuncture practitioner, and a very proud and gentle mama to her eight-year-old daughter.

Frustrated by the lack of natural skincare options to put on teenage skin, she started experimenting with facial cleansers and healing oils at the tender age of fourteen (way before the internet). What she discovered was that not only was she damn good at it, the products worked. 

The riot was to follow...

A staunch believer in the idea that beauty is a myth - that to be beautiful (which we must, or no one will love us, right?) we have to look a certain way. “What total BS! That’s destined to make people feel like shit, feel ugly, too old, not ‘perfect’.” Colette has taken on the fight to change those perceptions, which is why Sass + Co. products are designed to “make you feel strong, empowered, happy.  Just fierce... whatever that means for you.”

Passionate, driven and dedicated to the things she loves, Colette is the heart and soul of Sass + Co. Body.  There’s ambiguity in both her life and the way she sees the world, and there is never just one answer.. welcome to her dichotomy. 

“I want a future full of babes who refuse to buy in to the beauty industry, the myth. We know how toxic it is, and it’s time we spoke out, powerful voices that challenge the status quo. Who’s in?”

"I don't believe in the average cosmetic standard, and I sure as hell don't fill my products with cheap chemicals and fillers. Raw, honest and stripped of all the BS - that's my take on skincare and life." Colette (founder)

"Cosmetic companies try to sell you rubbish products loaded with petrochemicals that are bad for your health and the environment, all wrapped in fancy packaging to fool you. So educate yourself and give ‘em the middle finger! We say, NO MORE!" 
Colette (founder)