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Ingredients we avoid

Sass + Co Body Ingredients - Natural skincare products


Sass + Co. Body doesn’t use any ingredients we believe could cause you or our precious planet harm. We actively avoid using the following:

These are surfactants used to produce a foaming effect. Keep your eyes open for Cocamide DEA, Lauramide MEA, Linoleamide DEA and Oleamide DEA when buying handwash, shampoo and shower gel. Why? These derivatives are associated with known carcinogens that are known to have a link to cancer.

A preservative often used in antimicrobial and antifungal deodorants, as well as toothpaste. Research shows it may contribute to antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Be informed and look out for Triclosan on ingredient lists.

This metal ion chelator strips impurities from skincare products to help prevent it from turning into miso soup. We use alternatives to achieve the same result. Look out for EDTA

This is derived from petroleum, damn it! How do they get away with this? It’s a non-renewable resource from a dirty, polluting industry and they fill our skincare (and even products for babies) with it. We use nourishing oils like coconut instead. Avoid mineral oil, Paraffinum Liquidum and Petrolatum.

Synthetic preservatives used in a hell of a lot of skincare and cosmetics, parabens may interfere with estrogen production and disrupt hormone function, both of which are linked to breast cancer and reproduction issues. Be aware for words ending in -paraben, such as Methylparaben.

This petroleum derived ingredient is used to prevent products from oxidising. There is not only a link as a potential carcinogen, it’s also toxic to our seas. Sass + Co. Body uses vitamin-rich formulations to prevent our products from oxidising. Look out for BHT on your ingredient lists.

Ever been stuck in an elevator and a sudden headache comes on? You’ve probably been triggered by a synthetic fragrance. They may also trigger allergies and asthma. We use 100% pure essential oils that will naturally scent your product while offering an extra element of holistic support. The nasty, stinky stuff is often hidden under the term Parfum or Fragrance on ingredient lists.

Used as a plasticiser to create flexibility in hair sprays and nail varnishes or as a solvent to stabilise the fragrance of a product, phthalate is toxic as hell! So toxic, in fact, it has been banned from EU products. Avoid by looking out for Dimethyl Phthalate and Diethyl Phthalate.

These synthetically produced emollients are used in skincare to create a smooth and soft texture. Sass + Co. Body are dedicated to plant-based, vegan oils and butters instead. Look out for words ending in -thicone and -oxane to avoid silicones.

Love a round of drinks at the bar, be it craft beer or your fave cocktail? While we’re right there with you when it comes to drinking the stuff, alcohol should never be slathered on your bod because it seriously dehydrates your skin, stripping the life out of it and no doubt causing long- term damage. Heads up: perfumes and skincare are riddled with the stuff.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate are used in products to strip grease... so effectively, they are engine degreasers! Which begs the question, why the hell are they found in skincare formulations? Because they create foam and are cheap, that’s why. Both cause havoc to your body, from skin irritations to eye infections, diarrhoea and depression. Is anyone else finding this corrupt as hell?

Polyethylene Glycol contains a high level of a toxin called Dioxin. Evidence shows that Dioxin, which is used for its antibacterial properties, has been linked to cancer, miscarriages and nervous system disorders. These toxins are used as thickeners, solvents, softeners and moisture carriers in skincare, and are a nightmare for broken skin. In the pharmaceutical world these nasties are found in laxatives.

Microbeads are tiny plastic particles made from polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene. They are the last thing we want on our skin, and there is plenty of evidence that microbeads are devastating our marine life. Sass + Co. Body uses zero plastic in any product and, for the protection of our oceans, we believe in banning all microbeads. The natural exfoliants we use, such as bamboo, pumice, coconut husk, volcanic ash and sea salt, do the job far better anyway.

Unsustainable farming of Palm Oil and the resultant large-scale deforestation it causes is pushing many species, such as the orang-utan and the Sumatran Tiger, to near extinction. Because the countries where palm oil grows best are still developing, south-east Asian economies are being prioritised over this situation, and despite palm oil being a renewable source, Sass + Co. Body puts the environment first and will never use it.

Sass + Co. Body is proud to be a vegan skincare company. We believe using animal products on your skin should be a choice and you should be properly informed to make that choice.

No added fear! We never have and never will test our products on animals... only the most willing and vibrant of humans are sacrificed.