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Natural Skin Care

Make Every Pore Smile With Our Natural Skin Care

No, we didn’t jump onto any bandwagon, unless taking good care of your skin is one, then hell yes! We have created vegan-friendly natural skin care, all with bold botanical fragrances – the closest thing to nature you’ll get other than dancing naked around a bonfire, shouting the creed of your ancestors. Our fragrances are not gender-specific, so anyone can use our products.

As part of our sassy pledge, we don’t harm anything… well, unless an aloe can cry, but so far, we haven’t heard any bad feedback from them regarding their presence in our cruelty-free skin care. We don’t test any of our products on animals but only on willing human skin ready for some serious nourishment.

Please Don't Do This to Your Skin

We totally listened to Baloo in The Jungle Book when he warned about how you should go about picking the prickly pear. And we followed all safety precautions and risked getting a thorn in our thumb, just so we could bring you one of our favourite products, the prickly pear face cream. You will also find that our spearmint oil, sage oil, willow bark and jojoba oil in some of our other products just can’t wait to jump into your pores and start working. Now that you know what we love, let’s look at the dark side of skincare. Here are some of the ingredients that you need to look out for in any skincare range that you choose:

  • MEA/DEA. The DEA won’t be on your case for the toxic ‘drugs’ you put on your skin, but your conscience really should. If you see anything containing MEA or DEA, you should burn it with a blowtorch from a safe distance, as toxic skincare products are the last things you want to slap onto your skin.
  • Mineral oil. Mineral sounds good, right, the Dead Sea minerals and goodness may come to mind, but alas, the kind that’s often found in cosmetic products are derived from petroleum. Hell no, we don’t love the smell of petrol in the morning, and you don’t want this non-renewable resource in your pores.
  • Parabens. This suffix at the end of an ingredient will not only suffocate your pores. Still, it will also choke your hormones into submission and mess with your reproductive system to the extent where it can cause serious, lasting fertility problems. Vegan skincare brands won’t have such toxins, and your womanhood will be safe from interference from an external source.
  • Silicones. Again, this product belongs in your bathroom, not your pores. It is splendid when applied to keep water out, but you don’t want your pores to be a permanent water-proof feature on your body. This stuff isn’t good for your hair or skin. Stick to natural oils and butters in vegan skincare to nourish and hydrate your skin.

What are we saying? If anything sounds like it should go into the tank of your car, be used in a construction project, or if the drug enforcement agency will be interested in it – your skin won’t! Besides caring for your skin, the natural way, please pledge to support cruelty-free skincare brands and make the world a better place, one bottle at a time.

You Will See What We Promise in Our Vegan Skincare Products

We love blood orange and pomegranate as much as the next person, but please don’t eat our products. Vegan doesn’t mean safe for consumption. However, you will get the lovely natural aromas from the fruit and experience the hydrating effect of their smoothness on your shin. Here’s what you can feed your skin with, though:

  • Blood orange and papaya. We have brought together these two partners into one bottle of goodness to commit the crime of getting rid of dead skin cells in the form of our plant-based skin care. We recommend using an exfoliator twice a week along with a mask once a week to keep your skin looking its best.
  • Ruby goodness. If trying to get the pips out of a pomegranate has scarred you for life, you can still use it along with grapefruit to exfoliate your skin if papaya isn’t your thing.
  • Intoxicating aromas. The only “toxic” thing about our products is their lovely fragrance. Like the refreshing spearmint cleanser in our plant-based skincare products range. The smell of mint is always refreshing, and it will be cool on your skin as well and linger in your nostrils while you perform your face-care routine.

Join Our Cause

As you can see, we are devoted to our products as we have experienced the effects of clean, natural skincare products ourselves, and we want to spread the word far and wide. If you feel the same passion for natural ingredients and believe that we should all be feeding our skin and bodies with natural goodness, please contact us for our wholesale prices and information. We list all the ingredients on our products and how to use them, but if you have further questions, you’re welcome to contact us before you make the final decision to stock our range.

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