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Natural Body Scrub

Enjoy an Intoxicating Scent With a Natural Body Scrub From Our Team

If you love spoiling yourself with exhilarating scents, you’ll find our natural body scrub an excellent choice for any self-care product collection. Our team emphasises humane products that are cruelty-free and that contains no harmful chemicals. Take care of yourself while doing your part for the planet with Sass + Co. Body.

Benefits of Choosing a Vegan Body Scrub for Your Collection

There is no denying the sheer number of options you have when you want to buy an exfoliating scrub. There are numerous scents, types, and even companies behind the products, but what about a plant-based body scrub? Here are some of the benefits of choosing ours over the ordinary:

  • We have a huge emphasis on cruelty-free products. None of our products have ever gone through animal testing, and we will keep it that way forever. We only test our products on people who willingly want to assist us, so we can avoid adding to the animal testing cruelty commonly found in the beauty and self-care sector of the world.
  • We only stock and sell non-gendered scents for your pleasure. We’re tired of hearing about this scent or that scent being ‘for men’ or ‘for women’. We make sure that our scents work for anyone, no matter their gender so that you can feel comfortable about the products you use.
  • Our products support the sustainability efforts of the country. We do everything we can to make sure our carbon footprint remains small. We make all our products in Australia, which means we don’t use international transport to get your new favourite vegan body exfoliator to your doorstep.

Step by Step Guide to Using Your New Vegan Exfoliating Body Scrub

Once you've gotten your hands on our irresistible scrub, you should know how to use it properly. To help you get the most value out of our scrubs, we put together a few quick how-to tips so you can enjoy every bit of value from your purchase:

  • Always rinse your skin with warm water first. The main reason for using warm water is to open your pores. If the water is too cold, your pores won’t open, while if the water is too hot, it can remove the protective oils on your skin that help retain moisture. Once you’ve rinsed with warm water, apply the scrub with your fingertips in circular motions.
  • Always rinse with warm water after you've used the scrub. The same rules for cold and warm water apply here. You want to keep your pores open but your protective oils unharmed. Once you’ve properly rinsed the scrub from your skin, pat your skin with a towel, but don’t dry it entirely. You want to leave it slightly damp so that when you apply your moisturiser, it absorbs into your skin better.
  • Remember not to use scrub too regularly. While the golden rule is always to do what’s best for your skin type, you generally don’t want to apply scrubs more than twice a week. Using scrubs too much can lead to dry and irritated skin, which ultimately defeats the goal of trying to keep your skin fresh and moisturised.
  • If you plan to use it in the shower, do so AFTER using a body wash. A scrub shouldn’t be a substitute for a wash in the shower. You should instead look at the wash to ready your skin for the scrub. After a wash, your skin will be ready for exfoliation due to removing any unwanted oils. Now, your cruelty-free body scrub will be more effective.

About Us and Our Selection of Natural Exfoliating Scrub Products

We believe in doing everything we can to help the planet and its animals, which is why all our products are cruelty-free. Our Australian-based manufacturing also makes getting our products to you with a much smaller carbon footprint that much simpler. While we remain a plant-based manufacturer, we will never sacrifice product quality and go through the necessary steps to make sure our scrubs deliver excellent results for everyone.

If you’re ready to order your new scrub, give us a call or place your order online today.

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