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Natural Face Cream

Make Every Pore Smile with Our Natural Face Cream

Supercharge your face cleansing and nurturing routine to experience the goodness of prickly pear natural face cream – without the needles. We have an entire face care kit that speaks the language of your skin and gives it just what it asks for in terms of cleansing, exfoliating and finally, moisturising your face with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. All you need to do is bring the pizzaz and the attitude, and you could set the world on fire.

Our Kit Includes Vegan Face Moisturiser, Among Others

A prickly pear is not something you would naturally want to bring near your face unless you crave a long-lasting “needle facial” with bad side effects. It does have a low comedogenic rating - meaning it won’t clog your pores - but not because you shove needles in them. We have harnessed the pear’s “inside-goodness” and combined it with coconut oil, cocoa butter, rosewood oil, and more to give your face a scoop of powerful hydration in a bottle. Your face needs more than just a good ol’ vegan face cream:

  • Cleanser. Start your face time with the fresh scent of spearmint cleanser that contains willow bark and sweet almond oil. It will cleanse your face without stripping away all the natural oils and leave your skin fresh and ready for the next step towards unleashing your true self.
  • Exfoliant. What natural enzyme breaks down the lifeless skin cells? Nothing better than papaya combined with AHA to break up the toxic bond between your living and dead skin cells–leaving your skin smooth and fresh and ready to rock your glitter makeup for the party.
  • Regen. The party was rockin’, the vibe was great, but now you need to put back your home face by duly removing makeup and giving your cells food to regenerate your glow for the next day. Our pomegranate exfoliant removes makeup and restores your brilliance with the help of exhilarating grapefruit and stimulating pomegranate extract.

Once you have our kit, you’re all set to live your life to the full, knowing your face will always be radiant with natural, vegan goodness, sealed in by a vegan moisturiser.

We’re Not Done Yet

Okay, so your face looks and feels fantastic, but we don’t want the rest of your body to be jealous, now do we? Check out the rest of the good stuff we bring you:

  • Body moisturiser. Lime caviar lotion – no, we don’t expect you to put fish eggs on your skin… the Lime caviar fruit is an Australian citrus brim-full of antioxidants and other good stuff that will boost collagen production.
  • Hand and body exfoliant. We had to go and dance around a spewing volcano just to capture the ashes for your pretty face. Feel the fruits of our labour when the volcanic ash heals inflammation and evens out your skin tone, while the coconut and lemon oil will lighten your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated.
  • Gift cards. If you have a dazzling bestie and you love them just as much as you do your own body, then why not give them the goodness of nature in the form of a gift card so they can also get a cruelty-free moisturiser?

Why Our Goods Are the Real Thing

Once you start looking at the ingredients in your face and body products and how they are poisoning you day by day, you will also be up in arms about mineral oil (a side product of petrol). We have a list of ingredients we avoid and that you also should if you want the best for your skin.

Contact us if you have any concerns about our plant-based face cream or if you just wanna tell us how you are rocking our products.

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