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Wholesale Natural Skin care Products

Keep Your Shelves Stocked With Our Wholesale Natural Skin care Products

Our range of wholesale natural skin care products caters to your clientele that wants to move away from products tested on animals. We manufacture everything locally, which keeps transport costs down, and we only use plant-based ingredients in our products. For a truly vegan skin care experience, you can always rely on Sass + Co. Body.

Why Your Vegan Clients Will Love Our Wholesale Natural Skin care

Our team has worked hard to make sure we bring nothing short of excellent natural wholesale skin care to any buyer and their clients. Here are some of the top reasons we believe your vegan clients will love our range of skin care products:

  • We will never test our products on animals. We are wholeheartedly against animal testing in the skin care sector as there is never a reason to do it. Our products aim to support the animals and those who want to combat the cruelty shown to animals within the beauty sector. We give them working alternatives that they can support without feeling guilty.
  • Our products are locally manufactured. On top of supporting the animals, you get to support local business. We make all our products, from scrubs to moisturisers and packaging, right here in Australia. Supporting local business means keeping our economy stronger.
  • Our products are excellent for tattoo care. With such a rise in popularity regarding tattoos over the last few years, your clients will be happy to have access to a cruelty-free range of skin care products that also helps their new ink heal properly. Anyone who has ever gotten a tattoo understands how important post-application skin care is for the ink to retain its beauty, and we want to help.

If you want to know more about our products, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team can supply you with any necessary information to help you get a clearer idea of whether our products are the right fit for your store.

Ingredients Not in Any of Our Wholesale Natural Beauty Products

We have made sure to do the necessary research regarding skin care product ingredients to avoid any harmful chemicals or ingredients that don’t align with our core beliefs. Here are a few ingredients you will never find in our products:

  • We don’t use denatured alcohol. Often called alcohol denat or SD alcohol, denatured alcohol is an ingredient common in many household products. These products include a massive range of things, from cleaning products to paint remover. While the only danger it poses is through consumption, it can also cause dryness, irritation, breakouts, or redness on some people's skin when used in skin care products.
  • We don’t use MEA/DEA derivatives. Most commonly used to produce foaming effects in skin care products, some studies have linked exposure to these chemicals with cancer-forming carcinogens. We don’t really have to explain why we prefer to stay away from it.
  • We don’t use mineral oils. As a company trying to promote greener initiatives and care for the planet, using oils from the petroleum industry would be the exact opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish. While these oils are in a massive range of products, we prefer to use nourishing oils such as those from coconuts instead. We prefer to spend money on products from industries that aren’t constantly polluting our planet.
  • We don't use synthetic fragrances. Many people’s bodies don’t react too well to overexposure to synthetic fragrances. We’ve all walked by someone just for their intense aroma to almost cause our eyes to tear up. We focus on using 100% pure essential oils to provide aromas that please the senses subtly for both the wearer and surrounding people.

Why Choose Our Products When You Need Natural Skin care Wholesale

Over the last few years, many people have started opening their eyes to what pollution and animal cruelty is doing to our planet. Our time strives to support the fights against both by providing natural wholesale body care that doesn’t worsen the problem. You likely have many like-minded people walking through your stores regularly, and if they cannot find the sustainable skin care products they need, they will go somewhere else.

Call us today and ask our professionals about supplying your store with wholesale natural skin care.

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