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What is vegan skincare?

Posted by Nat Rowe on
What is vegan skincare | Sass + Co Body

When it comes to skincare there are so many terms being thrown at you. Cruelty free, plant based, or vegan skincare all might sound similar but they aren't necessarily the same thing. So, let us share with you just what we mean when we say Sass & Co is vegan skincare

What exactly does vegan skincare mean?

Vegan skincare means that there are no animal or animal derived ingredients, and that no animal testing was involved. You can feel safe knowing that no animals were involved in any part of the product making process.

Some ingredients such as honey, beeswax, or lanolin can often be found in skincare products that may be cruelty free. So the products haven't been tested on animals, but if they contain these ingredients then the products aren't vegan as they include animal derived ingredients. It's also worth being aware that some plant based products may have been tested on animals, or produced by a company whose parent company tests on animals.

Depending what matters to you, these are some things to be aware of when purchasing your skincare.

What's so good about vegan skincare?

One of the greatest benefits of a plant based product is all the natural goodness it contains. They are packed full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and natural oils, all of which keep your skin super healthy.

Another bonus is that vegan skincare is generally pretty gentle on the skin. Which is great for those with sensitive skin that is aggravated by nasty chemicals. Be sure to check out our ingredient list of safe alternatives that you can find in Sass & Co products.

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