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Posted by Mark Villasana on
Raw. Fierce. And unashamedly herself. With her hands up for all things liberation, empowerment + real beauty, we just had to have Stefania Ferrario’s kick@$$ self represent sass +co. Model, Artist + Avid Activist, Stefania has been making waves in the industry since the age of sixteen. Rocking a curvy bod, oftentimes she’s been made to feel like a ‘gimmick’ by designers, stylists, and fellow models (yes, wtf). With her physical appearance up for constant debate & criticism from everyone around her, Stefania’s journey wrongly consists of countless times where she’s felt uncomfortable for looking outside the norm. Battling through eating disorders, triggered by being pushed to lose a few kilos to be considered a ‘proper’ model, Stefania rose to challenge the idea of just ‘ONE model body’. Struggling with how her body image fit into the unrealistic representations of the industry, she channelled her passion into the volume of her voice. Stefania became an advocate for the ongoing argument against the plus size stigma, believing that… ‘There is no MODEL body. There are just bodies’. Stefania has well and truly unleashed her flame, adding her fire to the #DropThePlus movement. She anchors herself to the belief that consumers, + impressionable young women especially, deserve to see themselves fairly represented in the Media + Fashion Industries. For Stefania, modelling is not simply a black-and-white depiction of her appearance; but an opportunity to portray healthy values and ideals. Modelling is an outlet to express her most raw, and truest self. At sass +co. we know beauty has no limitations. Beauty simply is. It’s natural energy, an expressive vibration, a sensual awareness that resonates with aliveness and freedom. It’s all around us. As resilient and comfortable as we are in our opinions, we are in our skin. Stefania Ferrario is as passionate and unafraid to spread these messages as we are. However, no one is exempt from external pressures and exposure. So we choose to stand by inspiring chikas like Stefania, who strive to make their voice of reason the loudest in a sea of clutter, noise and unrealistic expectations.

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