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Posted by Mark Villasana on

We know all too well that time flies. The good news though? You’re the pilot ;)

The life you lead isn’t just about the length, it’s all about that depth. At Sass, we live our lives to the fullest, and unashamedly so. Whilst remaining respectful to the earth, others and we push the boundaries. We are fearless in the pursuit of what sets our souls on fire; music, festivals and the type of company that makes us feel alive.

Summer is just on the horizon, and we thought why not give you Mamasita’s some red hot tips! Let-your-hair-down this Summer in sass+co’s hometown, Melbourne. Wanna know where we’ll be at?

GETTING FESTIVE. Days are warmer, clothes are brighter, the crowds wilder, and the best music vibes are in full force. There’s nothing quite like the festival experience. Rockin’ creative outfits, the road trip there, camping out, trying all the food from around the globe and meeting good people... We’ll definitely be getting our crew together and heading out to our all-time favourites; Meredith Festival + Boogie Festival.

AFTER THE FUN. We’re all about those solo brunch dates, or with that one friend who can bring you back down to earth. Sleep in, stroll down to your local, enjoy a good coffee and wholesome feed! Japanese baths are all the go right now as well. Taking a sec to yourself in some smoking hot waters... yes please.

EXPLORING PACHAMAMA’S BEST. Cruising down the highway to Victoria’s best pockets, we’ll definitely be spending a good chunk of Summer getting out the city. Beach trips along the coast of the Mornington Peninsula, soaking up the wilderness of the Otways, & waterfall hunting at the Grampians. Thank you Pachamama.

EXPLORING MINDS. In true Culture Queen fashion, we’ll be checking out the latest offers on the Melbs art & culture scene; NGV exhibitions & Heide museum are definitely on the cards!

Enjoy our sass tips & soak up allll the Vitamin D this Summer!

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